• Declaration of Candidacy

    CHICAGO- John Garrido issued the following statement regarding his run for 45th Ward Alderman.

    Nearly three years ago, the 45th Ward saw one of the closest aldermanic elections in Chicago history between two fundamentally different candidates.  A mere thirty votes has shaped our community over the last 3 years.  What has changed since 2011? Not enough and nothing for the better.  Our storefronts remain empty, our resources are poorly managed, and our streets are often unplowed and in a constant state of disrepair. For too long our ward has suffered at the hands of self-serving politicians; and unfortunately that remains true today.

    As much as I hoped our new alderman would rise to the occasion, it’s clear that he is simply not the man for the job. As such, I have decided to run for 45th Ward Alderman.

    The 45th Ward needs an alderman who will focus on the interests of the people, who live and work here, rather than special interest groups and the privileged few.  Our small businesses need someone to advocate at City Hall on their behalf, not a bully looking for yet another campaign donation.  And our community as a whole needs an alderman whose interests and integrity parallels that of our ward residents.

    As a long time Gladstone Park resident, I have as much at stake in this election as everyone else. I believe we can do so much more to improve public safety, attract new businesses and repair our crumbling infrastructure. Our ward has not come close to reaching its maximum potential.  True and honest leadership is the answer to our problems. I will be that alderman.  One you can be proud of, one who will help the ward grow into a vibrant community, and one who always has and always will do his best to protect your interests.

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