The 45th Ward is generally made up of five neighborhoods; Independence Park, Old Irving Park, Six Corners, Jefferson Park and Gladstone Park. Zoning decisions have a huge impact on the community and should be made with that in mind. Some projects impact the immediate area and some impact the entire Ward. As Alderman, I will rely heavily on the purpose and intent of our Zoning Ordinance when making zoning decisions; in particular

  • Promoting the public health, safety and general welfare;
  • Preserving the overall quality of life for residents and visitors;
  • Protecting the character of established residential neighborhoods; and
  • Maintaining economically vibrant as well as attractive business and commercial areas.

I will establish a truly transparent process for zoning decisions that will include community input from the neighborhood directly impacted by the Zoning change; nobody will be excluded from the process.

Zoning requests will be submitted as follows:

1. Complete and submit a zoning information form along with project drawings.

2. Once the application package is complete, ALL SUBMITTED DOCUMENTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE WARD WEBSITE.

4. I will then review the application package and hold a public meeting for community input.

While our office will utilize the talents of residents throughout the Ward to consult on zoning issues, decisions should come from the community directly impacted. Quite simply, advice from residents in Old Irving may be helpful on zoning issues in Jefferson Park, but ultimately it’s the Jefferson Park neighborhood who needs to weigh in on these decisions that will have a greater impact upon their daily lives.