We will have an eco­nomic devel­op­ment liai­son who will work with small busi­nesses to expe­dite the licens­ing process (for free) and help them cut through the red tape that is City Hall. Our office will become a part­ner with local busi­nesses to help them to pros­per within our community.

Unfortunately our Alderman states he wants community input as long as it coincides with his own agenda. The Alderman publicly battles with business owners and misinforms the community as he has with the owners of the Bank of America Building at 4901 W. Irving.  This business owner wants to open a Cermak Fresh Market. The Alderman doesn’t like the plan so instead of working with the business owner, he publicly states the owner is distracted and wants to “turn over the property”; completely false allegations.  It speaks volumes about our Alderman when a business owner states publicly that he can wait until the next Aldemanic election before moving forward if necessary.

I will be an Alderman who works for the com­mu­nity; one who works with business owners and NOT for cam­paign donations!