In Order To Create a Safer Community We Must…

It has been well doc­u­mented that the City of Chicago has a short­age of police offi­cers. The 16th District and the 17th District that make up the 45th Ward have both seen an influx of gang mem­bers and a reduc­tion in police per­son­nel over the years. Criminal street gangs have suc­cess­fully estab­lished footholds in sta­ble neigh­bor­hoods and local parks, while John Arena has made a mediocre attempt at best to increase police resources city wide and almost no attempt at all to increase resources in the districts that make up the 45th Ward.

Portage Park is on the front line of this bat­tle, and we need all the resources we can get to keep this and other ward neigh­bor­hoods safe. I know and under­stand how the Chicago Police Department works. As alder­man, I will demand that our com­mu­nity is pro­vided with the nec­es­sary police man­power and equip­ment to com­bat these vio­lent gangs and keep our streets safe.

Lateral Transfer Plan

We need more offi­cers on the street as soon as pos­si­ble. Unfortunately, the cur­rent hir­ing process would not allow new offi­cers to hit the streets any­time soon. In order to expe­dite the hir­ing process and bring expe­ri­enced offi­cers into the Chicago Police Department, I pro­pose that we begin hir­ing expe­ri­enced offi­cers from other munic­i­pal police depart­ments. Under this “lat­eral trans­fer” plan, offi­cers with at least two (2) years of sworn law enforce­ment expe­ri­ence who pass a review process would imme­di­ately be hired as pro­ba­tion­ary police offi­cers. They would then be placed into an accel­er­ated acad­emy class to famil­iar­ize them with Chicago spe­cific ordi­nances and police pro­ce­dures. Thus, by reduc­ing the redun­dant train­ing of an already cer­ti­fied Illinois Peace Officer, we could have expe­ri­enced offi­cers on the street in 1/6 the time that it takes to train a new officer.

Demand Red Light Camera Reform

Red light cam­eras are just another way for the city to gen­er­ate rev­enue under the guise of pub­lic safety. A study by the University of Illinois Chicago con­cluded that Red Light Cameras in Chicago actu­ally increased acci­dents by 5%. Instead of prop­erly man­ag­ing our resources, our city coun­cil con­tin­ues to find ways to bal­ance the bud­get on the backs of tax­pay­ers. Once elected, I will work to have all red light cam­eras removed from the 45th Ward.