I will be an Alderman who is acces­si­ble and works together with the com­mu­nity for the good of the ward. Can that be said about our cur­rent alder­man? Every year each ward is allot­ted approx­i­mately $1.3 mil­lion dol­lars to use for infra­struc­ture and pub­lic safety. In 2012, John Arena failed to uti­lize $616,365.00 of the allo­cated amount to the detri­ment of the ward. Why was this money left on the table?

Divided over the 5 neigh­bor­hoods that make up the 45th Ward, that comes out to approx­i­mately $123,273.00 per neigh­bor­hood. With input from each com­mu­nity, this money will be spent to enhance our neighborhoods.