Time To Move On

Mayor Daley’s surprise announcement ending his public service career was in many ways a “shot heard ’round the world.” As the sun now sets on his reign, the media is at this very moment portraying his tenure in a positive light. However, as we reflect on the many good things he has done, we must neither ignore nor forget the bad.

We must not forget the immense patronage system created by him, and what it has cost the average Chicagoan in both higher taxes and wasteful spending. We must not forget the employment and contractual opportunities that were denied to all the honest individuals and businesses that were not part of Mayor Daley’s political machine. And, lastly, we must not forget the Aldermen who made all this possible by voting lockstep in support of his agenda.

In many ways, Mayor Daley’s decision not to run for a 7th term is nothing less than a new lease on life for the City of Chicago. The next mayor of this great city will face a multitude of problems that must be both efficiently and effectively dealt with. First and foremost, he or she will have to tackle the massive budget deficit that was left in the wake of the Daley administration. With the recent sale of income generating city assets (Chicago Skyway, parking meters, etc. . .), this will be no easy task. Additionally, he or she must address the crime and violence that is plaguing our neighborhoods on a daily basis. In order to accomplish these necessary goals, the new mayor will need to work closely with a City Council whose members place the interests of the citizens over their own.

As Mayor Daley aptly stated, “every person, especially public officials, must understand when it’s time to move on.” After more than twenty (20) years in office, it is now time for Alderman Levar to move on as well. His record of patronage and loyalty to the outgoing administration leaves him no place in the new City Council. The time for change in the 45th Ward is now. With your support, I will lead that change and be Your Voice For Our Ward.

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