Endorsed: Chicago Police Sergeants’ Ass’n.

CHICAGO – John Garrido issued the following statement regarding the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association Endorsement:

I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association for Alderman of the 45th Ward.  This endorsement validates what I have said all along, “when it comes to public safety, we cannot afford to do more with less.”  Unfortunately, current city leaders have allowed police staffing levels to fall to dangerously low levels.  This has seriously jeopardized both the safety of our communities, and the officers who serve to protect them.  As alderman, I will work to ensure that 1,000 new officers are immediately hired to assist in making our neighborhoods safe for our families.

I look forward to working with the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association, and thank them for their support.

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