The “Machine” Strikes Again

CHICAGO – John Garrido issued the following statement regarding “Machine” candidate Marina Yolanda Faz-Huppert’s attempt to keep him off the ballot.

Aide to Joe Berrios, Thomas Jaconetty, has filed a frivolous objection to our petitions on behalf of two 45th Ward Democratic Operatives; Timothy J. Raddatz and Gerald J. Holst Jr. and the 45th Ward “appointed” successor Marina Yoland Faz-Huppert.

Instead of allowing democratic campaigns to face the voters, Huppert and her cronies find it easier to undemocratically remove candidates from the ballot. We look forward to beating this admittedly baseless challenge and putting an end to “machine” politics in the 45th Ward once and for all.

This should also provide a clear choice for the voters of the 45th Ward. If you want business as usual, vacant store fronts, and an alderman completely out of touch with the ward, Marina is your candidate.

However, if you prefer a candidate who is a dedicated neighbor, public servant, and committed to bringing jobs and businesses back to the 45th Ward, then John Garrido is the candidate who deserves your vote.

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