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“We like Chicago police Lt. John Garrido”
-The Chicago Tribune

“Ordinarily, I'd be happy to support Arena-but for several reasons my heart's with Garrido...”
-Ben Joravsky, Chicago Reader

Declaration of Candidacy

CHICAGO– John Garrido issued the fol­low­ing state­ment regard­ing his run for 45th Ward Alderman.

Nearly three years ago, the 45th Ward saw one of the clos­est alder­manic elec­tions in Chicago his­tory between two fun­da­men­tally dif­fer­ent candidates.  A mere thirty votes has shaped our com­mu­nity over the last 4 years.  What has changed since 2011? Not enough and noth­ing for the better.  Our store­fronts remain empty, our resources are poorly man­aged, and our streets are often unplowed and in a con­stant state of dis­re­pair. For too long our ward has suf­fered at the hands of self-​​serving politi­cians; and unfor­tu­nately that remains true today.

As much as I hoped our new alder­man would rise to the occa­sion, it’s clear that he is sim­ply not the man for the job. As such, I have decided to run for 45th Ward Alderman.

The 45th Ward needs an alder­man who will focus on the inter­ests of the peo­ple, who live and work here, rather than spe­cial inter­est groups and the priv­i­leged few.  Our small busi­nesses need some­one to advo­cate at City Hall on their behalf, not a bully look­ing for yet another cam­paign donation.  And our com­mu­nity as a whole needs an alder­man whose inter­ests and integrity par­al­lels that of our ward residents.

As a long time Gladstone Park res­i­dent, I have as much at stake in this elec­tion as every­one else. I believe we can do so much more to improve pub­lic safety, attract new busi­nesses and repair our crum­bling infra­struc­ture. Our ward has not come close to reach­ing its max­i­mum potential.  True and hon­est lead­er­ship is the answer to our prob­lems. I will be that alder­man.  One you can be proud of, one who will help the ward grow into a vibrant com­mu­nity, and one who always has and always will do his best to pro­tect your interests.

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